• MS Softball @ Home and Varsity/JV Baseball @ Home have been canceled tonight 6/19.
  • Softball times tonight at Mid-Prairie have been changed to: JV @ 6:30 and Varsity @ 8:00
In the Spotlight PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, January 02 2019 08:18

We are currently accepting registrations for In the Spotlight!

This will be a talent show featuring local acts to be held as a fundraising event for the Washington Area Performing Arts and Events Center!

Saturday, January 19th, 2019 7:00PM

Washington Area Performing Arts and Events Center

Talent Show Registration Information

Camp Invention 2019: Supercharged! PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, January 02 2019 07:50

A high-energy, hands on STEM camp June 10-14 from 9AM-3PM at Lincoln in Washington, IA. Camp is for kids that will enter K-6 next school year. This is our 9th year of Camp Invention!

This year campers will:

*Design/rebuild underwater equipment

*explore circuits, motors, and gears to design remote controlled robot to take on an obstacle course

*take on roles of engineers to conquer villains

*code bots to turn a polluted wasteland into money making machines & create devices to save animals


One lucky camper will get a *FREE* week of Camp Invention! Requirements.....

1. Your camper must be entering K-6 next year.

2. Your camper must be available June 10-14 for camp.

3. You must also be registering another camper.

Interested?? Email Janet Conrad ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) both your interested campers' names! Their names will go into the drawing.

Drawing will be Friday at 4:00!

Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) PDF Print E-mail
Friday, December 21 2018 10:21

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The state has released new information on school performance as required by a federal education law called the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA):

• A new online reporting tool called the Iowa School Performance Profiles reflects how public schools performed on a set of core accountability measures, such as results on the statewide assessment. The tool displays a school’s score based on overall performance, as well as scores based on the performance of subgroups of students. These subgroups include students who are eligible for free and reduced-price lunch, students receiving special education services, English learners, and students from racial/ethnic minority groups.

• Based on the scores from this one assessment, some schools have been identified for additional support and improvement. These determinations are not punitive; instead, they come with funding and support.

Based on this new system of school accountability and support under ESSA, Lincoln Elementary and Washington Middle School have received a designation of Targeted Support and Improvement. This is because those schools have one subgroup that performed as low as the lowest 5 percent of schools in Iowa. Our subgroup is the Students with Disabilities (IEP).

Over the next three years, Lincoln will receive federal funding for support (Title I Building). Washington Middle School and Lincoln Elementary will receive resources from the state and our area education agency. With this support, we will create a local team to develop and implement a plan for improvement that fits the individual needs of our school. As you know, no two schools are the same, and each has its own unique context.

While we have many things to celebrate in our schools, such as our Washington Middle School, Lincoln Elementary, and Stewart Elementary are showing consistent growth with FAST assessment, all of our buildings are working on the social-emotional health of our students (PBIS & Ci3T), we also have work to do. We look forward to addressing our school’s needs through this process, which we view as an opportunity to build on the great things we have going on.

You can help by providing input as we develop our improvement plan and by continuing to support our school, our staff, and our students. We welcome your thoughts.

To locate our school’s results, as well as more information about the Iowa School Performance Profiles and ESSA, visit the following website: www.iaschoolperformance.gov


William Stone- Superintendent


Estimados Padres y Tutores:

El estado ha comunicado nueva información referente al desempeño escolar como requerido por la ley federal de educación: Cada Estudiante Tiene Éxito / Every Student Succeeds Act (o, por sus siglas en inglés, ESSA):

• Existe información disponible en línea llamado Perfiles de Desempeño Escolar en Iowa; Se refleja el nivel de logro en una serie de medidas claves de responsabilidad, por ejemplo, los resultados de los exámenes estatales. Esta información muestra el nivel total escolar de desempeño, tanto como el nivel de logro de subgrupos de estudiantes. Estos subgrupos incluyen estudiantes que califican para las comidas escolares gratuitas o a precio reducido, los estudiantes que reciben servicios del programa de educación especial, estudiantes de inglés y alumnos de grupos minoritarios raciales/étnicos.

• Basándose en las puntuaciones de esta evaluación, se han identificado algunas escuelas para obtener apoyo y mejoramiento adicional. Estas determinaciones no son punitivas; en cambio, vienen con financiamiento y apoyo.

Basado en este nuevo sistema de rendición de cuentas y apoyo escolar bajo la ESSA, la Escuela Primaria Lincoln y la Secundaria (Middle School) de Washington han recibido la designación de apoyo y mejoramiento específico. Esto se debe a que las escuelas tienen un subgrupo con desempeño en el rango del 5 por ciento más bajo de las escuelas de Iowa. Nuestro subgrupo es Estudiantes Con Discapacidades (IEP).

Por medio de los siguientes tres años, la escuela Lincoln recibirá fondos federales de apoyo (como escuela del Programa Título I). La Secundaria de Washington (Middle School) y La Primaria Lincoln recibirán recursos estales y recursos adicionales de nuestra agencia de educación. Con este apoyo, crearemos un equipo local para desarrollar e implementar un plan de mejoramiento que cubre las necesidades individuales de nuestra escuela. Como ya se sabe, no existen dos escuelas iguales, y cada una tiene su propio contexto único.

Mientras tenemos varias cosas para celebrar en nuestras escuelas, como el crecimiento constante de logros en el examen FAST en las escuelas Washington Middle School, Lincoln, y Stewart, todas nuestras escuelas están trabajando en la salud social y la salud emocional de nuestros estudiantes (PBIS y Ci3T); También tenemos trabajo que hacer. Miramos con anticipación encargarnos de las necesidades escolares por medio de este proceso, el cual consideramos una oportunidad para construir sobre las cosas positivas que ya están en proceso en nuestras escuelas.

Usted puede ayudar en compartir o aportar sus percepciones mientras desarrollamos nuestro plan de mejoramiento; más aparte puede seguir apoyando nuestras escuelas, a nuestros empleados y a nuestros estudiantes. Le damos la bienvenida a los pensamientos de usted.

Para localizar los resultados de nuestra escuela tanto como información adicional de Perfiles de Desempeño Escolar de Iowa (Iowa School Performance Profiles) y ESSA, usted puede visitar el sitio: www.iaschoolperformance.gov


William Stone- Superintendent

Advanced Band Solo/Ensemble Night 2018 PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, December 19 2018 16:02

On Tuesday, December 19th, the Advanced Band members took the Middle School Auditorium stage from 5pm-7:45pm for their Annual solo/ensemble night. There were 29 different performances in 5 minute time slots and all of the 58 members of the Advanced Band participated in preparing for this event.

Gary McCurdy (aka The Tubadour), former Washington band director, judged students giving them a rating and verbal comments at the conclusion of their performances. It is an unusual event from the standpoint that audience members can stay for all 29 performances or they can pick and choose to watch only one or a few performances.

It all starts in November when students choose their own groups and the only limitations are that the performing groups have to be a solo, duet, trio or quartet. After choosing the members of their group, the next step is selecting music. Most of the music is selected by students with guidance from Mr. McClenahan and/or private instructors. A majority of the music chosen is Holiday/Christmas or pop/movie music, but there are also many traditional instrumental pieces, standards and folk songs as well. Some are accompanied by parents, some by their instructors and some play along to recorded accompaniments.

Overall outstanding performances were selected and Kevin F. (tuba solo) and Sofia J. and Teegan S. (Flute Duet) were the two outstanding performances of the night. These groups received $100 in Be Bucks with this award.

The 6 groups receiving Division I+ ratings were: Mixed Trio (Natalie M, Bailey R, and Samantha H), Flute Duet (Sofia J & Teegan S.), Woodwind Trio (Sofia J, Madeline H, and Yanetzy E.), Low Brass Duet (Levi A, and Kevin F), Brass Trio (Brayden H, Jonathan M. and Teague M), and Tuba solo (Kevin F).

Mr. McClenahan commented, "This is one of the most challenging and valuable projects students do all year in band. Students play parts independently and they have no director in front of them to keep them together. It's also interesting to hear how they make some uncommon combinations of instruments work. In the end, they grow a lot and become better independent players. I also like the fact we always have 100% participation and they feel a sense of responsibility to their group."

The students were rated on a scale from I+ being the highest and III- being the lowest. The ratings earned by this year's groups were:

I+ =6

I =11

I - =6

II+ =5

II = 0

II - = 0

III+ =0

III =0

III - =0

Little Demon Dance Clinic PDF Print E-mail
Friday, December 14 2018 09:32

Little Demon Dance Clinic 18-19


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