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Washington Community Schools has been awarded two grants from the Washington County Riverboat Foundation. One grant, awarded for $40,000, will allow the district to equip several elementary school classrooms with multimedia projectors, screens, and audio equipment to enhance learning.

The second grant was awarded to high school science and math departments for  $21,000 to help purchase 8 hand-held data collectors with assorted sensors.  These data collectors will interface with a computer or stand alone as a small computer unit.  Students will be able to collect data in the classroom or out in the field, graph the data, print it, or transfer it to computers.  Some examples of the many laboratory uses are as follows:

1. Measuring oxygen production during photosynthesis.
2. Gathering water quality data in a stream.
3. Using a pH sensor for acid/base titrations in chemistry.
4. Using motion detectors to analyze motion of balls in the air. (physics)
5. Explore trigonometric functions using pendulums in math classes.

The science department will also be using the grant money to purchase a digital microscope for use in biology classes.

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