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Washington Jr. High Pie Committee 2010-2011 PDF Print E-mail

Mission: To establish and maintain a working relationship between parents, school and community; to enhance the education experience by supporting academic and enrichment activities; and to improve the environment at the WJHS by providing volunteer and financial support.


Membership: NO DUES. All parents and guardians at the WJHS students, plus staff of the WJHS are automatically granted membership.


Officers for the 2010-2011:

  • President: Fred Witt
  • V. President: Julie Vogel
  • Secretary: Ciny Hinckley
  • Treasurer: Joanne Spenner
  • Jr. High Principal- Mr. Curt Mayer
  • Teacher's Representative- Mrs. Connie Svendy-Hoffman and Mrs. Misty Goodwin
  • Parent Teacher Conference Meal Coordinator: Susan Wellington

Accomplishments: (2010-2011):

  • Getting free Water donated for 1 yr through Hy-Vee
  • Donated $250.00 for Rudy Rudiker event
  • Plan the dates for concession stands
  • Parent Teacher Conferences-Themes meals held for each conference
  • October Magazine Sales/Provided money for Pizza party/;elp with turn in dates/store for prizes
  • Holiday Food Drive
  • Hy-Vee promoted the Hy-Vee Smart points. (Possible winning items for the Jr. High).
  • Magazine sales able to bring in the BMX show on November 16th. (PIE parents provided snacks-popcorn, chips and drinks)
  • Promoted Red Ribbon Week October 25-29. Drug free week (PIE donated 1st prize class with a candy apple party).
  • Paid the high school for being a member of the Naier group. (Getting many free items for school use only).
  • Provided Casey coupons, throwing footballs at the Jr. High football games and Jr. High basketball games. (Thank you to Jayne Orris for working this out).
  • Volunteers helped with ITBS/ITED.
  • Barnes and Noble Book Fair, November 28th.
  • Help cover the staff holiday luncheon in December.
  • Donated $250.00 for the Snowflake seminar (T-shirts).
  • Donated $160.00 to the WEA (would go towards 10 families at Christmas).
  • PIE Reorganization in January. (Elected officers listed above and discussed by -laws with approval and signuature).
  • Approved windo treatments for teacher's lounge.
  • Discussed Bond issue.
  • Discussed the Block scheduling/scheduling with the new high school and Jr. High. (PIE president and other PIE representatives attended meetings).
  • PIE parents donated food for all teacher's conferences.
  • PIE parents donated food for the snowflake event held March 25th.
  • Promoted KOHLS scholarship program.
  • PIE members selected as representatives for the school visit held in March.
  • PIE members help with the Valentines Day gifts to students.
  • PIE members and relatives helped with Orange and Black day.
  • PIE team donated money to purchase 3 white eraser boards for the teacher's lounge.
  • PIE members helped with the Rachel's challenge held at the Jr. High.
  • Discussed having a milk and juice vending machine.
  • Provided Rib-eye steak sandwiches dinner for Teaher's appreciation week in May.
  • Rachel's Challenge presentation.
  • Secretary's Day- Parents convering the office to give secretaries some spa time.
  • Help promote the bond issue.
  • I may have missed items that the PIE committee has given back to the school, students, teachers, and community.
  • Started putting the minutes of the PIE meeting in the Washington Journal.
  • Give feedback on the WJHS newsletter and put PIE information in the newsletter for all parents or guardians. This way or reaching out to everyone.




  • Jr. High football games concession stands.
  • Annual Magazine Sales
  • Jr. High Track Meets
  • Barnes and Noble Book Sale
  • Grants received for the Jr. High
  • $2500.00 donated from Mr. Jim Cuddeback
  • $19,000 for robotic interventions, etc.
  • Donations from many parents for time and talent throughout the year and extra activities.


Again, we try to provide for the Washington Jr. High. We hope everyone benefited from all the hard work the PIE committee and members have done through the school year.


Our next year mission is to try and get more parents involved with activities throughout the year. I believe we can make a difference not only for the student, teachers, and parents but over all the community.


Submitted by,

Fred Witt, WJHS PIE President

May 16th, 2011



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