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If school is to be called off, or dismissed early or late, an announcement will be made on the district's website
(click here to see a picture of an alert posted on the district site).

You can also watch or listen to the news stations listed below for announcements:


KCRG Channel 9
WHO-TV Channel 13
KGAN Channel 2
KWWL Channel 7
KWQC Channel 6


KCII 106.1
WMT AM 600
KILJ FM 105.5, 1130 AM
KHAK FM 98.1
KDAT FM 104.5
KRNA FM 94.1
KRQN FM 107.1


Please reference the above sources and refrain from calling school offices or staff.
School cancellation/delay announcements will generally be made before 6:30AM.
Early or late dismissal announcements will generally made by 11:30AM.


Iowa School Alerts

Washington Community School District is a participant in the Iowa School Alerts program, which means you can sign
up to receive free e-mail notifications when classes for our district, or a particular school building, are to be closed, dismissed early or started late due to weather or other circumstances. Please visit the Iowa School Alerts website if you encounter problems with your account or have any additional questions.

Iowa School Alerts Parent Information Letter icon

Iowa School Alerts Website


KCRG CityCam

Click the link below to see the image from the KCRG CityCam on Washington High School:

KCRG CityCam




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