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If your kids know you read the messages it might deter them from writing something inappropriate.



There is a lot of competition between peers and who is hanging out together. Posting “friend” pictures adds to the competition and creates jealousy and hard feelings between peers.



Especially if the slumber party is at your house! Two common times for preteens and teens to send hurtful messages to each other are: At night when they are alone in their own space and when they are in groups with peers.

Scenario 1:

The slumber party is at your house and the girls are gossiping about a girl who is not there. Someone says, “That’s why I didn’t invite her. Send her a mean text! She deserves it.” So one of the girls sends a text to the girl who is not there, “You think you are so cool. Nobody likes you! That’s why you weren’t invited.”

Scenario 2:

You are alone in your room. You start thinking about an incident with a friend and you get mad all over again. You know your parents don’t have time to check your text messages. You know you can delete them anyway. So you decide to send a mean text to your friend. “I’m still mad at you and everyone at our lunch table is mad at you. Sit somewhere else tomorrow. We don’t want you to eat with us.”

Social media and electronics lend themselves to drama, if that is how kids decide to use them. Kids today don’t have to have the courage to say it. They simply type a message and push send. It’s so easy to type something mean.

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Due to scheduling conflict of a concert at the HS @7:00pm on December 8, 2016 we will hold MS PT Conferences from 3:45-7:15pm at the MS. We have looked at our PT Conferences for the remainder of the year to avoid any further scheduling conflicts. Parents who can not attend during this time frame may call, 653-5414, or email their student’s teachers to set up a time to discuss your child’s progress.

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Last week in Intro to Foods, students completed a “Cupcake Wars” competition. The week started out with Nancy from HyVee demonstrating different piping and decorating tips to the students. In small groups, students had to pick a theme, build a cupcake stand that would display 12 cupcakes, and then bake and decorate the cupcakes. At the end of the week, teachers came in and voted for their favorite. All groups did a great job and the voting was very close! Thank you to Nancy and HyVee for donating time and cupcakes!

Here is the winner:


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Builder's Club President, Reece M., holds the Distinguished Club patch awarded to the club for the 2015-2016 year. The Distinguished Club Award program provides recognition to individual sponsored clubs for their overall performance in the combined areas of club administration, membership and leadership development, Kiwanis-family involvement, and service and fundraising efforts. Club performance is judged against pre-established standards of excellence. This is the second year in a row to receive this award. The WMS Builder's Club is sponsored by the Kiwanis Amer's.

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Students in Mrs. Meyer's Digital Literacy class participated in breakout activities where the goal is to break IN to the boxes to solve the puzzle. Breakouts require collaboration, team work, critical thinking skills, and determination to find clues which lead to combinations on various locks. The students did awesome and can not wait to participate in more breakouts!

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