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In the week of June 1-5, Campers at Camp Invention had fun creating inventions & doing rapid prototyping to make life easier for themselves and others. They enjoyed taking apart electronics & creating video game models using the parts. They also invented shields to stay dry in Hydro-Challenge, designing inventions that are used in water, space, and on land. They had a great time playing cooperative games with their teams! Thank you to the parents, participants, Silver Cord volunteers, parent volunteers, Camp Invention teachers and Lincoln staff/custodians for making this a successful year!

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School's out for the summer! We hope you all have a safe and happy summer.

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Fourth grade students at Lincoln Elementary learned about movement and rhythm in art. They made a layered painting and added shapes to create movement/rhythm through the art they created. The bright colors make every piece of art a MASTERPIECE!

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Earlier this year, the 3rd grade students at Lincoln Elementary learned about the Chinese New Year holiday. Dragons are a sign of new life and a central part of the celebration. Each student drew their own dragon and painted it with bright colors against a night sky full of glittery fireworks. Students also learned about different types of architecture and drew one type of building. They learned about the difference between warm & cool colors and used the color schemes to brighten up the buildings in their art. Thank you Jenny Humphreys (Art Teacher) for always making our hallways at Lincoln Elementary so fun and interesting!


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