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"Village People" Sing ITBS! PDF Print E-mail

Second and third grade students were surprised and delighted on November 9th when their teachers dressed as the Village People and sang ITBS lyrics to the tune of the “YMCA” song. Students joined in singing and are geared up to do their best on the test!

First graders visit UP Home PDF Print E-mail

Mrs. Long’s first grade class were excited to visit the UP Home on November 3rd. Residents and students enjoyed reading book sand coloring Thanksgiving turkeys together. It was a great experience for all!

Josh Baynes visits Stewart PDF Print E-mail

Josh Baynes from the KCRG Weather Academy came to Stewart School on Thursday, October 29 to speak to the 5 second grade classes. Each class had just finished their Weather Unit and Josh's visit was agreat ending to all that had been learned. He did some weatherexperiments and shared safety tips during severe weather!


Alternative Kindergarten "Bat Hats" PDF Print E-mail


Miss Smith's Alternative Kindergarten classroom (Stewart Elementary) made "Bat Hats" during Bat & Spider week to compliment their lesson on rhyming words. They practiced cutting paper strips and following directions to glue their bats together. When they finished, the students had fun drawing spooky bat faces with white crayons on their hats. The special hats were saved for the day of the October Fall Party.  Everyone looked "Spooky" and had lots of fun!

Principal Mrs. Harris helps serve lunch! PDF Print E-mail


There was a big surprise for the students when they had lunch a few weeks ago.  Principal Mrs. Harris was there with a big smile helping to serve lunch.  The main dish was chili and with only three staff working in the kitchen she pitched in to help with the 4 lunch shifts. (k- 3).  In between shifts, she walked around the lunch room as the students ate to mingle with the students.  One student asked her if she was the new "Chef".  It was a fun day!


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