Stewart: Immigration Day Print

Recently, 105 second graders boarded the S.S. Stewart to immigrate to America. Most students had very little money, so were forced to make the trip in the steerage part of the boat. After a long journey they arrived at Ellis Island in New York. They spent time talking with various immigration officers, answering questions and hoping to be allowed to stay in America (not be deported)! This activity followed a 4-6 week study of the Immigration Process. There were different “rooms” that students had to pass through in order to be allowed to stay in America. Those rooms were: Baggage Room, Passport Room, Interview Room, Information Room & Medical Room. Students were asked various questions in each of the rooms; just as though they were an immigrant 150 years ago! This activity is always a favorite of many of our students. Thank you to all the parents that help us on this day!