JH Band Performance Print

The Washington Junior High (WJH) Band (shown here performing at the All School concert on March 1st) performed at S.E.I.B.A. Large Group Contest on Thursday, March 8th in Ottumwa. The 51 member group performed "Cumberland Cross" by Carl Strommen, "Suite from the New World" by Dvorak, arr. Story, and "His Honor" by Fillmore, arr. Balent. Three judges use a ballot with 7 different categories each worth 5 points including tone, intonation, technique, balance, interpretation, musical effect and other factors (appearance, discipline, instrumentation, selection). Three judges scored our band at: 28, 30 & 32 points out of a possible 35. Our overall rating was a I. (Rating system: 33-35 points= I+ ; 30-32 points= I ; 27-29 points= I- ; etc.) Fantastic Job Everyone!