Lincoln: How the Mural Came to Be Print

Lincoln students had the opportunity to submit a drawing for our garden mural. The third grade theme was Plant, fourth was Grow and fifth was Harvest. The best design was picked from each grade level and then nine other students that submitted designs had their name drawn to help paint. The students were proud of the murals & had a lot of fun on the project. Pictured in one collage are: Sarah, Ruby, James, Ethan, Bryan, Ericka, Keaton, Kaylin, Payton, Riley, Owen, Emma, Grace, Ally & Robert. Pictured in the other collage are: Elena, Kelsey, Peyton, Devon, Jenna, Raven, Jasmine, Jack, Hunter, Anna, Zac, Cameron, Sarah, Emma & Anna. Great job everyone! We love the mural!