HS: New Computers for WHS Business Lab

At the beginning of the 2014-15 school year, the Washington High School Business Department received 29 new Apple iMac computers, which has given students access to the most current software and operating programs. This enhancement to the school and learning environment was helped greatly by a $16,675 grant from the Washington Riverboat Foundation. This grant covered half of the entire cost, while the school district funded the rest of the project. With the addition of the new computers, students have the option of using either Mac or Windows platforms and gaining knowledge of different computer programs. The Apple iMac computers also save space and provide organizational benefits in the classroom since they are basically two machines in one, all while having bigger monitors than the past computers.

Business Lab

The addition of the new iMac computers have increased the overall learning capacity, while bringing top-notch technology into the classroom. Shelly Duwa, WHS & Kirkwood business instructor, stated, “The computers are now updated with the current version of programs which allow us to more efficiently run the programs. They are faster and allow us to use/offer advanced courses (post-secondary) through Kirkwood, while keeping with the standards they require.” Thanks to the Washington Riverboat Foundation and the school district, our students have a great benefit in technology. (Article written by Anna W.- a staff member of the WHS Washingtonian School Newspaper.) We love our Business Lab!