Lincoln: New iPads


Thank you to the Washington County Riverboat Foundation for new iPads! Recently the WCRF awarded $45,000 to the Washington Community School District for iPads for Elementary Schools. Students in Jodi Ebert's Read 180 class at Lincoln Elementary got a chance to use the new iPads with a classroom activity. The students are reading eReads, which are online articles based on topics they are familiar with from class. Previously, the students had done eReads on the computer. However, being able to read them on the iPads is a whole new experience. After the students read an article, they take a quiz to check their understanding. Having iPads in their hands to look up information while taking the quiz makes answering questions much easier for them. It was a great experience, and the students look forward to using them again soon! Pictured here are students: Jon & Donovan getting comfy while reading an interesting article! Thank you WCRF! We love our iPads!