Junior High Media Enabled Classrooms

Thanks to the Washington County Riverboat Foundation, the Washington Junior High School now has 15 Media Enabled Classrooms! These classrooms are equipped with a ceiling mounted Epson video projector with a 100” screen, ceiling mounted Atlas speakers, and a wall mounted cabinet that has a Crown audio amplifier and DVD/VCR combo with digital tuner. There are 2 ports for teachers to plug-in a computer with audio or other device such as a document camera. The grant also purchased 7 Avervision document cameras to be shared throughout the school. This setup allows teachers to easily integrate audio, video, and computer based digital resources into the classroom. Since the equipment is permanently installed, there are no cords to trip over and the setup time is greatly reduced. These classrooms are able to keep students engaged in learning through multiple subject areas.

Media Enabled Classrooms

JH media 3

Here are some comments from students about the Media Enabled Classrooms:


"Makes learning fun."

"I can finally see and hear EVERYTHING!"

"I don't know whether I like the Mimio or the surround sound better."

One teacher submitted the following comment:

“The classrooms offer so much more flexibility. It is amazing. Students can see and hear anywhere in the room. I can model new lessons for all to see and hear.”

JH media 1

Comments from Washington Junior High Principal, Curt Mayer:

“Staff at Washington Junior High are truly appreciative of the Washington Riverboat Foundation for funding the media enabled classrooms. The technology is amazing and examples of uses include; PowerPoint, video streaming, Mimio, daily oral language lessons, and the use of document cameras. The students comment on the ability to see and hear, with surround sound, the lessons, presentations, PowerPoint’s, and videos. This enhances the learning of all students but especially those visual learners. This technology is used on a daily basis and is a great addition to our school.”

The $45,000 grant was awarded in the Spring of 2009 and bids were awarded in June. Installation started in August and the final room was completed in December. Many rooms were able to be used during the first week of school! The total cost of the project was $75,801.38.