Technology for HS Science & Math

The Washington County Riverboat Foundation awarded the Washington Community School District a $21,000 grant for technology for science and math at Washington High School during the fall of 2008. The Washington High School Science and Math Department purchased a classroom supply of Vernier LabQuest Interface hand-held data computers and sensors that have the capability of collecting, graphing, and storing biological, chemical, and physical data. The Vernier technology allows for scientific and mathematical field study data to be transferred to a laptop computer and/or sent to a printer for further analysis. More technology in the science and math classroom will better prepare Washington High School students for careers in science and math.

The Vernier technology hand-held data computers will provide student opportunities to gather data that is more accurately measured and analyzed. For example, the equipment will be used in the field to gather data about water quality of local streams. GPS units with the equipment allow students to pinpoint the locations of the samples. When back in the classroom, this data can be uploaded on computers, graphed, analyzed, and shared with the community or shared on line. Other computer sensors will allow anatomy students to gather information about respiration, heartbeat, and blood pressure. Some of the equipment will allow students to gain better skills in microscopy that would better prepare them for college classes that train them for health careers.

For more information about projects made possible by the Washington County Riverboat Foundation, please take a look at our Riverboat Foundation Grants page.