Server Login

Go under the GO menu to CONNECT TO SERVER

Step 1

Type smb://Stawinfile/stafilevol1 for the Staff File Server or smb://Stuwinfile/stufilevol1 for the Student File Server in the server address box, and click CONNECT.

Tip: You can click the little + icon after you type in the address to save it below under favorite servers, then you can just click on them instead of typing them in.

Step 2

Enter your USERNAME (first letter of your first name, first 7 letters of your last name) and your PASSWORD then click CONNECT

Step 3

You should now see the icon for STAFF VOLUME (or Student Volume) on your desktop

Step 4

You can drag this icon onto your dock to make a shortcut to login – when you click the icon it just brings up the name and password box.

You can also make an icon that you can place anywhere on the desktop by clicking on the Staff Volume icon one time, and then going under the FILE menu to MAKE ALIAS

Step 5

That will create this icon on your desktop that you can double click to bring up the login window

Step 6