Camp Invention 2024

Camp Invention 2024
Posted on 06/17/2024
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Camp Invention is a nationally recognized, non-profit summer enrichment program for K-6 graders that focuses on STEM activities. This summer camp was held at Stewart Elementary from June 10-14 from 9:00 until 3:00 each day. This was the 14th year Camp Invention has been held in Washington. There were 127 campers in attendance, 27 high school helpers earning silver cord hours, 8 teachers, 2 directors, and 3 parent volunteers. The “Illuminate” Camp Invention curriculum focus was light. Campers met each morning at base camp playing a variety of games, participated in four stations throughout the day, had lunch at Lincoln and ended their day at base camp. The four stations were Prototype, Hydrodrop, Let’s Glow and In the Game

In the Prototyping Studio, campers star on a prototyping game show where they embark on an innovative journey to discover the ultimate place to invent. After receiving a custom toolbox, campers generate new ideas, bringing them to life by transforming unique inventions, and collaborating with friends for rapid prototyping challenges. After refining their creations, they protect them with the power of intellectual property and win the game by learning that invention can happen anywhere.

Rowan A, 3rd grade: “My favorite is the Prototyping Studio.  I like making stuff, and we have the freedom to make anything we want!”

Teddy L, 2nd grade: My favorite activity at camp was building tools, and we even got to keep them!  I want to come back next year!”

Maylee K, kindergarten: “I like to build stuff!”

Michael C, 5th grade: “ I like the Prototype Studio because we can enhance the prototypes that we made.  We have fun while we are working!”

In the Operation Hydrodrop module, campers make global connections as they set out on an epic operation to solve water challenges around the world. After personalizing a light-up laboratory on wheels, campers gather data, tap into ingenuity and use creative problem solving to help people and the planet.Campers find inspiration from patented water-based inventions, learning the important role water plays on our planet and becoming hydro heroes.

Haley Nelson, instructor of Hydrodrop:  “I love watching them use their imaginations to problem solve and create inventions like water filters or their own inventions.”

Asa B, 4th grade: “I liked the things we got to build in Hydrodrop. I learned about places that don’t have a lot of water and that some houses are tiny on purpose.” 

Allie W, 4th grade: “I like that we get to use robots and stuff in Hydrodrop. The lab on wheels was pretty cool.”

In the Let’s Glow module, campers explore biophysics, optics and electrical engineering as they learn about illuminating inventions and engineer a one-of-a-kind Glow Box. Campers investigate how light works in LEDs, fiber optics and even glowing animals through hands-on examination of reflection, refraction, color and shadow. While exploring ultraviolet light, campers uncover clues to a mystery and add a new layer to their Glow Box with each discovery, using the power of light to help their ideas shine.

Ellie I, 1st grade:  “I liked everything!  I loved being in Mrs. Shelman’s room.  She’s a great teacher and really nice!”

Jeslyn S, 6th grade: “I liked Let’s Glow because you get to work with batteries and electronics.  I really like to make things glow.”

Beau F, 2nd grade:  “My favorite thing at camp was making the Glow Box because it's so fun.  I liked playing Drip Drip Drop during a break and getting soaked.”

Vivian H, 4th grade: “I really liked making the Glow Box.  We were able to work on our own.”

Sloan C, 4th grade:  “My favorite was the Let’s Glow room because we got to learn about bioluminescence.  I also really liked burning off some energy during game time.”

In the In the Game module, campers create a unique sports ball and develop a light-up ball game using the physics of air pressure and motion. While investigating the design features and specialized materials of a variety of sports balls, campers learn about the importance of protecting ideas using intellectual property. Campers use design thinking and persistence to reach the final goal of being inducted into the Game of Fame for all-star innovation.

Braelynn M, 6th grade: “My favorite station was In the Game.  We got to make our own games, and it was a lot of fun.”

Mark Berhow, retired Lincoln teacher and instructor of In the Game, “I like that the kids use a lot of creative thinking and make the games their own.”

Ellie F, sophomore: “I Like how diverse the activities are.  There’s always something to do to keep the kids entertained.”

Kinley M, freshman: “I like how the kids have the freedom to use their creativity to build what they want.”

Tyler B, 10th grade:  “I like hanging out with the kids and getting to know them.  They are pretty cool.  I was in Camp Invention when I was younger and became a counselor when I was in 8th grade.  This is my third time being a counselor, and I plan to volunteer until I can’t anymore.”

Thank you to our local organizations that have provided scholarships to help send local campers to Camp Invention! Thank you: WOW (Women of Washington), AM Optimits, WAYS, Lion’s Club, Noon Kiwanis, and Washington Community School District Foundation. If you would like to support scholarships contact Janet Conrad, Camp Invention Director, at [email protected].

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