Dairy Lessons Move to the Schoolyard

Dairy Lessons Move to the Schoolyard
Posted on 09/22/2021
Bangs class with calf

A partnership between Washington County Extension & Outreach and Hilltop Dairy has blossomed into more unique opportunities for youth to learn about where their food comes from.  Now in year three, Hilltop Dairy, located just north of Wayland, has sponsored a program for classroom teachers called “Adopt-a-Calf/Cow”.  This program connects a classroom to a newborn calf or cow and provides learning opportunities throughout the year. 


September 21 three participating Washington Community School classrooms and Mid Prairie Homeschool were able to meet their one-month-old, adopted calf Bubbles and 10 year old adopted cow Alaska.   Hilltop Dairy visited the school yards with these Holsteins as a part of their outreach education.  Mrs. Robertson’s alternative kindergarten, Ms. Bangs kindergarten and Mrs.Gipple’s 4th grade are participating in the Hilltop Dairy program this year.  


“We are so thankful when businesses from the agriculture community want to and are able to share and teach kids with us.  Their connection to the industry and expertise are priceless resources to these students.  Madi Skubal put in a lot of time and work to give these students such a good morning,” said Amy Green, 4-H/Youth Coordinator. 


“Students had the perfect fall day to observe these dairy animals and ask some great questions.  They covered animal size, hooves, bottles, milk, udders, spots, ears, belly buttons, teeth, shots, tongues, and poop!  The kids covered it all,” said Green.


Washington County Extension’s Agriculture in the Classroom provides additional lessons for the participating classes to learn more about dairy products, animal nutrition, animal care and dairy farms. Participating classes have received Moo Mail introducing their calf with a birth certificate and follow the calves development through Facebook posts straight from Hilltop Dairy. 


For more information about Washington County Extension’s Agriculture in the Classroom contact 319-653-4811. 

bangs class with calf

Ms. Bangs kindergarten class from Stewart Elementary enjoyed seeing the calf up close and learning how dairy calves live in hutches.


robertsons class with calf
Mrs. Robertson’s alternative kindergarten class adopted Hilltop Dairy’s Holstein calf, Bubbles, for this school year.  They enjoyed seeing Bubble’s bottom row of teeth up close and feeling the rough tongue of a baby calf.