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Stewart: Thank you Volunteers! PDF Print E-mail
Friday, May 22 2015 13:34

We are lucky to have many great volunteers within our school district. Pictured here is Amy Statler who visits Stewart Elementary every Tuesday morning to volunteer 45 minutes to help in Mr. Kolin Ross's classroom. They do fun things like flash card practice, telling time, counting money and work on reading. Pictured with Amy are students doing math facts: Landyn (left), Makayla (middle) & Colby (right). Thank you to Amy and ALL THE GREAT VOLUNTEERS that we have within the entire Washington School District!

WCSD: Retiring Staff PDF Print E-mail
Friday, May 22 2015 06:47

We want to extend a BIG THANK-YOU to all staff within the Washington Community School District that are retiring after this school year. Happy Retirement to: Dr. Mike Jorgensen (Superintendent), Steve Conrad (Bus Driver), Patty Koller (Teacher), Jane Flander (Teacher), Dianne Gray (Teacher), Clarence Unternahrer (Custodian) & Lori Knoll (Public Relations). Thank you for all your great years of service. Enjoy your retirement!

Lincoln: 3rd Grade Art PDF Print E-mail
Friday, May 22 2015 06:46

Earlier this year, the 3rd grade students at Lincoln Elementary learned about the Chinese New Year holiday. Dragons are a sign of new life and a central part of the celebration. Each student drew their own dragon and painted it with bright colors against a night sky full of glittery fireworks. Students also learned about different types of architecture and drew one type of building. They learned about the difference between warm & cool colors and used the color schemes to brighten up the buildings in their art. Thank you Jenny Humphreys (Art Teacher) for always making our hallways at Lincoln Elementary so fun and interesting!

Lincoln: Printmaking & Mosaics PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, May 21 2015 07:48

Fifth graders at Lincoln Elementary learned about printmaking & mosaics in art. For printmaking, the students drew into a flat piece of styrofoam, then rolled ink over it to make a print. For mosaics, the students drew something on paper, then used small bits of magazine paper to fill in the colors. Both projects taught the students different techniques for making art. Jenny Humphreys is the art teacher at Lincoln Elementary.

HS: Summer Reading PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, May 21 2015 07:47

The Washington High School Library will be open this summer to current WHS students. The library will be open on Wednesdays starting June 3 from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm (scheduled around the summer lunch program for students wanting to combine both library & lunch). For every 10 books read by a student, Mr Buchholz is offering a free scoop of ice cream from the Korner Kremery. There will also be a couple of days with special activities scheduled. Information is available at the high school library.


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