WHS Counseling

   Mrs. Robinson  Mrs. Stender
Ms Smith
Counseling Adminstrative Assistant
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Mrs. Robinson
(Students with last name A-L)
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Mrs. Stender
(Students with last name M-Z)
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Mission Statement

The mission of the Washington Community School District Counseling Department is to assist in the successful academic and social development of the whole student in the process of becoming a responsible and productive member in our ever-changing global society.

Philosophy Statement

The Washington Community School District Counseling Department supports a sequential and comprehensive K-12 program that is preventative in design, developmental in nature, driven by data and integral to the school district’s curricula and instructional program. We want to provide all students with the support, skills, and knowledge necessary for a productive life and career in our evolving society. This is accomplished by creating opportunities in the school and community for self-exploration, skill development, and career planning, which responds to the needs and goals of the individual and community.
The counselors in the Washington Community School District believe:

- Students’ ability to learn most effectively is dependent upon having their basic needs met. - All students have the right to an emotionally and physically safe learning environment. - Students benefit from a learning environment of mutual respect. - Continually strive to accommodate each students learning style to positively influence school performance. - Each student needs an advocate in his/her life. - A positive home/school relationship can help promote student success. - Counseling services are for all students. - Everyone in the school environment is responsible for ensuring that students receive counseling services. - School/community partnerships enhance counseling services. - The counseling program helps to promote the development of skilled, independent, healthy, life-long learners. - An effective counseling curriculum is proactive, developmental, sequential, and comprehensive. - An effective counseling program responds to individual and group needs. - Career/life planning is an ongoing process in which students are introduced to and explore academic and career options.
The Washington Community School District comprehensive school counseling program should:
- Be based on specified goals and developmental student competencies for all students K-12. - Be planned and coordinated by school counseling teams in coordination with other school, parent or guardian and community representatives. - Utilize the many combined resources of the community to deliver programs. - Use data to drive program development and evaluation. - Be evaluated by a counseling supervisor on specified goals and agreed upon student competencies. - Actively involve counseling team member to monitor students’ success.
And all counselors in the Washington Community School District:
Abide by the professional school counseling ethics as advocated by the American School Counselor Association. - Participate in the professional development activities essential to maintain a quality and effective school counseling program.
Ms Erin Smith-- Counseling Department Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Belinda Robinson--School Counselor for students whose last names begin with letters (A-L)

Mrs. Kathy Stender--School Counselor for students whose last names begin with letters (M-Z)