Activity Fund

These procedures and guidelines are in place to protect the activity leader,

to maintain the financial integrity of our School District,

and provide proper oversight of public funds.

Please remember that Business Office staff don't create the laws, but are held accountable for following them.

Purchasing Procedures

A purchase order (PO) must be filled out and signed by both your building principal or supervisor and someone from Central Office BEFORE the purchase is made. Anything that has been purchased or ordered before getting proper approval will be cancelled or returned and the purchaser will need to complete the ordering process correctly. If you receive e-mail approval from Central Office in lieu of a signed PO, please attach a printed copy of the e-mail to the PO when you forward it to Central Office. Verbal approval either in-person or by telephone are NOT acceptable authorizations.

If you need to make a purchase at a business that will not accept a PO, you can pay for the item with a personal check or credit card and submit a reimbursement request. PRIOR APPROVAL of the transaction is still necessary. Please remember that school districts do not pay sales tax. You can request a sales tax exempt certificate from the Business Office. By providing this certificate to the business, they will not charge sales tax on the items purchased. The district WILL NOT reimburse you for sales tax on any item.

Request for Expense Reimbursement

Activity Fund dollars CANNOT be used for the following:

  1. Purchase of any kind of food or party items.
  2. Donations (monetary or supplies) to a charity.
  3. Clothing, gift cards, or any other item that will be given to a student.


A form signed by both your building principal and someone from Central Office must be on file with the Business Office BEFORE starting to raise funds. Any funds received at Central Office that cannot be associated with an approved form will be returned.

Fundraiser Approval Form

Once funds are given to the School District, they are considered public funds subject to State laws. Funds cannot be given to a public entity with stipulations that circumvent State law.


Each year a few activity accounts will be chosen at random to be audited. Someone from Central Office will conduct interviews of the coach, director, or sponsor of the selected activity and students participating in the activity. Criteria to be evaluated may include but not be limited to:

  1. Knowledge of responsibilities.
  2. Adherence to district business procedures.
  3. Accuracy of paperwork.